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Check out some of the common questions asked by homeowners and businesses in Melbourne regarding building inspections.

Is there any difference between a Pre-Auction inspection and a Pre-purchase inspection?2019-07-18T22:51:09+10:00

The inspections procedure is similar for both. We assess all areas of your property thoroughly and give reports on any defects with similar standards. However, the choice of words in the inspection reports may differ to suit the sale process.

How do I request for a building inspection?2019-07-18T22:54:35+10:00

Schedule a building inspection with a certified building inspector in Melbourne by contacting us at 03 8797 5594. You can also fill out our book an inspection form here. A qualified building inspector will call you and confirm the time frame and pricing for your inspection. In case you want to meet the inspector on the inspection day, you should confirm when booking.

How can I reschedule or cancel my inspection booking?2019-07-18T22:55:23+10:00

To avoid inconveniences, we expect our clients to reschedule or cancel appointments at least 24 hours before the due date. Give us a call.

When will the inspection report be ready, and how will I get it?2019-07-18T22:56:28+10:00

Your inspection report with photos and explanations will be ready before the end of the Inspection day. We will send it to you via email.
After you are done reading the report summary, the inspector will discuss the findings verbally. The summary is on the front page of the report. We can also provide a hard copy of the findings in case you need it at no fee.

How will I make payments for the building inspection?2019-07-18T22:57:23+10:00

You can pay for the inspection using major credit cards like MasterCard and VISA. There are, however, no restrictions if you prefer bank transfer or cash payment method.

Can I receive a hard copy of the inspection report?2019-07-18T22:57:59+10:00

Yes. Request for a hard copy via email and indicate your address. The hard copy will be sent to the address given.

Approximately how long does a thorough inspection take?2019-07-18T22:58:48+10:00

A home inspection of a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms can take up to 2 hours only. The duration of an inspection highly depends on the condition and size of the building. However, no inspection can exceed a day.

Should I be present on the inspection day?2019-07-18T22:59:31+10:00

There are no restrictions if you wish to attend your building inspection. However, we are against any distractions as we inspect as this may compromise the quality of our service. We will discuss our findings and answer your questions at the end of the inspection process.

Can I make enquiries afterward?2019-07-18T23:00:15+10:00

We are always ready to answer your questions and give advice at a later date. You can call us anytime. One of our primary goals is to ensure that you understand the inspection report and make an informed decision before making any purchases.

Is a new or renovated home inspection vital?2019-07-18T23:02:32+10:00

Yes. We don’t recommend any new home purchase whether new or old, without undertaking an inspection. Some new homes are poorly constructed. Any defects that are not detected before the purchase may cost you much money in the future.

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