Buying or selling property? Get a combined building and pest inspection before you make the purchase or put the property on the market.

Why should you invest in a building and pest inspection?

A building and pest inspection will mean added costs; but it is a worthwhile investment.

When you’re buying property, knowing the property’s condition, inside and out, will help you decide if it is worth the money you’re willing to pay. You can also add stipulations to the contract, for a pre-purchase agreement that will require the seller to shoulder certain repairs if defects are discovered and/or the necessary treatments if there is an infestation. You will also be in a better position to renegotiate the price if problems are uncovered.

When you’re selling, you can guarantee or even increase the value of your property when you are able to resolve any and all structural problems and/or pest infestation before putting the property on the market.

Why is a combined building and pest inspection a good investment?

You will be spending extra money when you get a combined building and pest inspection; but, at the end of the day, you will end up saving more on unforeseen and more costly repairs which will have already gotten worse when they are discovered much later.

A combined building and pest inspection will provide a fuller and more detailed evaluation of the property you’re buying/selling which also translates to better risk protection. Separate inspections are available, but a reputable company that offers a combined building and pest inspection will deliver the same, complete investigation and assessment for a lower cost.

Constant exposure to the elements, which include certain pests; the usual wear and tear; and time – all these can result in defects and vulnerabilities even in well-constructed properties. The sooner these problems are detected, the sooner they can be resolved and the less costly they will be. You can also take measures to prevent future damages in areas that are already vulnerable. A thorough building and pest inspection will describe in full detail all the structural problems your property may have, and reveal if you also have a pest problem. Recommendations on how best to fix these issues will also be included in the report.

Depending on the company you will hire, the combined service may involve two, different inspectors to perform their respective tasks; both of them should have the necessary qualifications and certifications. You may also get a single inspector with qualifications and accreditations for both types of inspection. A reputable inspector should also have professional indemnity and public liability insurance policies relevant to both the building and pest inspections.

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, a combined building and pest inspection is not only about doing your due diligence; it is also a wise investment as it guarantees the value of your property and gives you protection from future risks.