The inflated cost of homes across Australia forces home buyers to rush when closing home purchase deals. Before you make such a decision, consider that your home is the single most important investment you will make in life and for this reason, you have to do it right. This is where a pre-purchase home inspections specifically in Melbourne comes in handy.

Why Home Inspection?

A licensed building inspector inspects homes for structural defects, pest infestation, required renovations, potential risk of water damage, and financial problems with the property among other things. Unfortunately, only 20% of people in Australia engage a professional to inspect the home before purchase, and this has led to countless tales of disappointment.

Challenges and Costs of Home Inspection

While a home inspection is necessary, there are myriad challenges that come up; some of which force home buyers to forego the process. Some of these challenges include:

  1. The cost of new home inspections in Melbourne: Buying a home is a huge investment and many homeowners don’t have a budget for a home inspection. This is a major challenge, and it is one reason most home buyers give for avoiding home inspection.
  2. Choosing the best building inspector in Melbourne: If you are new to a city, it is not easy to know the best professionals to hire for the home inspection. Your realtor might recommend someone, but it is advisable to use an independent party who brings objectivity to the process. Searching for a reliable home inspector is an arduous task, and it slows down the home purchase.
  3. Knowing the components of a home inspection: Many home buyers already have so much on their hands but they still have a lot of work to do during the inspection process. To get the most out of this process, you need to familiarise yourself with the components of inspection which allows you to read the report and make an informed decision. It is important to ensure the report complies with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1).
  4. Underhand techniques by home sellers: Some home sellers work with realtors to prep a house for home inspection thus concealing serious issues such as foundation cracks, water damage, and other faults. If a home inspector is not keen, they can miss such problems and give a defective report.
  5. Poor weather conditions: Adverse weather can affect the quality of inspections performed and also slow down the process. Some defects are not easy to identify in such weather.

Cost of Home Inspection

Multiple factors affect the cost of home inspection including location, size of the property, age of the property and the extent of services the home inspector has to perform.

It is not easy to give a definite cost of the home inspection, but the averages are as follows:

  • $200 -$250 for a small apartment (up to 100 square meters)
  • $250-$350 for a small property(3-bedroom home in a regional area)
  • $400-$500 for an average sized house in a regional area
  • $800-$1000 for a large house in metropolitan areas
  • $100-$150 for a pest inspection.

Of course, you should compare different quotes from recommended home inspectors in your city to get the best price. However, pricing should not be the only factor to consider when choosing a home inspector; look for credential and experience, licensing, certification and insurance and their reputation.

If you would like to request a qualified building inspector to quote or schedule an inspection in Melbourne and Victoria, contact Hire An Inspector.