Why You Should Have Good Ventilation in Your House

On average, Aussies spend 90% or more of their time indoors. Most activities in Australia rotate around closed spaces at home or in workplaces. That kind of indoor exposure means that a large number of people could be highly vulnerable to the health risks that could be posed by poor ventilation. Good ventilation isn’t just [...]

What is Slab Edge Dampness?

Slab edge dampness will occur when moisture from various sources is absorbed into the concrete. At first, the dampness affects only the surface layer. However, with repeated and prolonged exposure, the moisture begins to seep in and slab edge dampness occurs. The effects of the slab edge dampness are exacerbated if the concrete used in [...]

What is Delignification and How Can You Prevent It?

Timber makes for a very strong, solid and durable building material but have you ever posed to think why this is so? The timber consists of millions of fibres that are held together by a naturally occurring organic polymer called lignin. It is the natural glue that binds together the millions of fibres that stretch [...]

Preventing Mould Growth in Your Home

Mould growth is inevitable in the natural environment. Outside the home, it even serves an ecological purpose helping break down organic matter. In structures, however, it can be your worst nightmare. As long as there is mould growth on your structures, you can be sure they are undergoing a slow disintegration and will soon be [...]

Preparing Your House for Sale

Are you having any success in selling your property? While the state of the market will be a huge contributing factor on how easily you will clinch a sale, sometimes your sale may drag off due to poor preparations on your part. No matter the state of the market, good preparation will always be a [...]

How to Spot Faults During an Open House

Planning to invest in real estate? An open house will be an important part of your house hunt. It gives you the time to tour the property and see if every detail checks off. When going for an open house, you would want to be as observant as possible and spot all the faults that [...]

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