What is your idea of a good summer? If it is cuddling up in the outdoors with some beer in hand and enjoying the scenery and the fresh breath of air, then you will really need to spruce up your gardens and the outdoors and bring them up to date with current trends. The old concrete look, faux wood or wrought iron outdoor spaces are slowly being phased out and in their place, homeowners are re-embracing the use of natural materials, incorporating retro-inspired styling along with cooler colors.

Here is a look at some of the top gardening and outdoor trends that you should embrace in 2018.

Cool Coastal Colors
Soft coastal colours are currently in vogue for outdoor fabric décor. Discerning homeowners are embracing Maui blues, Carmela look and ivory or bisque outdoor decoration.

Retro Furniture
The retro-style is back. The age of the ornate metallic or faux wood furniture is fast slipping away and in its place, the retro feeling is taking root. More homeowners are preferring to throw in a little blast from the past with the natural, woven and crochet techniques getting increasingly popular. Some of the furniture styles that were popular in the 60s and 70s are now making a huge comeback.

The Use of Natural Materials
It’s all back to nature. Gone are the days when concrete furniture and a modernist look were the in-thing. The modern outdoor lover likes to commune with nature and this is reflected in the choice of materials that many are currently opting for. Homeowners are creating rustic outdoor spaces using natural materials such as bamboo, wood, teak and rattan to bring out a natural rural feel in their beautiful outdoors. The advantage with these materials is that they also age gracefully, creating a wonderful weathered look and feel over time.

Self Contained Outdoor Living Spaces
The typical modern outdoors is self contained and has all the little amenities you need to have a good time outside including a dining area, infinity pools, an outdoor kitchen that is self-contained and so forth. This makes for a very comfortable and convenient outdoor lifestyle as you don’t have to shuttle in and out to pick items. Many homeowners even have entertainment units in their outdoor spaces.

The outdoor kitchens are generally fully equipped with all the BBQ and cooking features you need to prepare anything you want. They also have lots of countertop spaces for cooking and serving your outdoor gourmet.

LED Lighting
To keep up with the natural theme, many outdoor spaces are now illuminated with lots of LED lighting so you can party or take a rest into the night without worrying about piling energy costs. The use of quality LED lighting can create an outdoor oasis that will be suited for all kinds of activities be they parties, cooking, dancing etc.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits
A fire pit or built-in fireplace can keep you warm on those chilly evenings and nights but it can also provide you with a great setting for backyard entertainment and parties. Fireplaces also add an aesthetic aspect to your outdoors. In most modern homes, it is now the trendy thing to add a small fireplace at a corner in your compound. You can choose various fireplace designs ranging from the simplest to the more sophisticated setups. These can help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Built in Charcoal Grills
You may decide to have a built-in charcoal grill instead of a small and portable charcoal grill. They not only look good but are also quite useful, enabling you to grill and smoke meat and barbecues in your backyard. You can also use them to cook an array of delicious treats such as pulled meats, briskets, ribs and fish. There are various models that are quite sophisticated in design and will truly transform your outdoors.