How to Spot Faults During an Open House

Planning to invest in real estate? An open house will be an important part of your house hunt. It gives you the time to tour the property and see if every detail checks off. When going for an open house, you would want to be as observant as possible and spot all the faults that [...]

The Baby Boomer Impact on the Melbourne Property Market

Australia’s cashed-up Baby Boomers are pouring their money into the Melbourne real estate market and thus leading to the rise in property prices across various market niches. The current generation of Baby Boomers is not easy to pigeonhole. They will not opt for retirement villages or enclaves but have particular and varied tastes. Some prefer [...]

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What Is the Best Investment Between Shares and Property?

If you are embarking on a life as an avid investor, perhaps the million dollar question is whether to invest in the stock market or put your money in property. In Australia, if you take out superannuation, the stock market and the property market remain two of the best ways of accumulating wealth. However, picking [...]

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Where to Buy the Best Properties for Capital Gain

Which property investments are good if you are looking to maximise on capital gain? There are hot property markets that are generally quite rewarding for the discerning investors. The location of the property is always key to hitting that real sweet spot that will keep on giving. For example, a location close to a university, [...]

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Why You Should Watch Out on House Flippers Looking for a Quick Buck

House-flipping is the new in-thing in property investment. Prior to the 2008 financial crisis, property flipping bloomed and homes sold relatively quickly. Flipping simply involved buying homes cheap and doing some “fixer-uppers” and then putting them back into the market for a small profit. The overriding strategy is generally that of quick profit and small [...]

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