Why You Should Have Good Ventilation in Your House

On average, Aussies spend 90% or more of their time indoors. Most activities in Australia rotate around closed spaces at home or in workplaces. That kind of indoor exposure means that a large number of people could be highly vulnerable to the health risks that could be posed by poor ventilation. Good ventilation isn’t just [...]

Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Regulations in Melbourne

The state of Victoria has pretty stringent Regulations on residential pool and spa safety that every homeowner must observe when constructing their pool. These requirements must adhere to the regulations set in the Building Regulations 2018. Before you proceed with design and construction, it is imperative that you obtain approvals from the relevant authorities to [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning from Halogen to LED Lights

Halogen lamps were once considered a great innovation and an improvement over the conventional incandescent lamps. They are filled with high pressure and the tungsten materials in the filaments burned for much longer making them more durable than conventional lamps. They are also brighter and produce a lot of light thereby meeting your lighting needs [...]

Gardening and Outdoor Living Trends in Australia

What is your idea of a good summer? If it is cuddling up in the outdoors with some beer in hand and enjoying the scenery and the fresh breath of air, then you will really need to spruce up your gardens and the outdoors and bring them up to date with current trends. The old [...]

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