What Building and Pest Inspectors Look For

A building and pest inspection are usually carried out separately by different professionals. Some companies do offer a combined inspection, but whether you get a combined package or separate inspections, make sure you only hire experienced and highly qualified professionals. Competent inspectors know what to look for and where when assessing a property. Here’s what [...]

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Why a Combined Building and Pest Inspection is a Good Investment

Buying or selling property? Get a combined building and pest inspection before you make the purchase or put the property on the market. Why should you invest in a building and pest inspection? A building and pest inspection will mean added costs; but it is a worthwhile investment. When you’re buying property, knowing the property’s [...]

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Why Is It Important to Periodically Inspect Commercial Buildings?

A commercial building’s regular preventive maintenance should also include periodic inspection by professional building inspectors to more thoroughly assess the overall condition and safety of the property. Commercial buildings are accessible to the public, and it is the responsibility of building owners and management to keep their tenants, vendors, and visitors safe and to provide [...]

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Why You Should Get a Pre-Auction Building Inspection

A pre-auction building inspection and pre-purchase building inspection are pretty much the same. If you are seriously considering purchasing a property that’s being auctioned, you should do your due diligence and have the property inspected prior to placing your bid. A pre-auction building inspection is completely your call. While it is not standard procedure, [...]

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What are Your Options When a Building Inspection Fails?

This does not necessarily mean that the building is a bad investment. When you know exactly what you’re getting into, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate a fairer price for the property and to prepare for the added costs of repairs and renovations. Even newly constructed properties will not always pass a building [...]

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Does the Buyer Organise the Building and Pest Inspection?

The obligation to organise a building and pest inspection is the buyer’s. The associated costs are also shouldered by the buyer. The purpose of organising a building and pest inspection is to help you, the buyer, make a more informed decision prior to closing the sale on a property. So timing is critical. It’s also [...]

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Asbestos Removal 101

If your property was built before 1990 and it has not yet been inspected for asbestos, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. Exposure to asbestos dust and fibres has been linked to a number of serious diseases, including asbestosis, non-malignant pleural disease, asbestos-related lung cancer, and mesothelioma - a type of lung [...]

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Why Should You Invest in Regular Termite Inspections?

Did you know that home insurance does not include repairs for termite damage? More often than not, homeowners do not discover a termite infestation until it has already caused extensive damage to their property, which will require costly, out-of-pocket repairs.   If you do not know how to spot obvious signs of a termite infestation, [...]

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What is Slab Edge Dampness?

Slab edge dampness will occur when moisture from various sources is absorbed into the concrete. At first, the dampness affects only the surface layer. However, with repeated and prolonged exposure, the moisture begins to seep in and slab edge dampness occurs. The effects of the slab edge dampness are exacerbated if the concrete used in [...]

What is Delignification and How Can You Prevent It?

Timber makes for a very strong, solid and durable building material but have you ever posed to think why this is so? The timber consists of millions of fibres that are held together by a naturally occurring organic polymer called lignin. It is the natural glue that binds together the millions of fibres that stretch [...]

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