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Looking For A Building Inspector In Melbourne?


Registered Building Inspections In Melbourne

Hire an Inspector is your number one resource for finding a qualified building inspector in Melbourne, VIC. We are a one-stop shop for finding an inspector that ticks all the boxes. Employing a home inspector does not have to be stressful or time-consuming. At Hire an Inspector we’ve done the research for you. All inspectors are competent, experienced, thorough and trustworthy. All are Registered Builders who are fully insured.

At Hire an Inspector, we commit to undertake the following:

  • Provide the best building inspectors near you
  • Deliver fast and reliable services
  • Value quality assurance
  • Provide simplified professional building inspection reports
  • Handle building inspection related work for you

Having a building inspections in Melbourne is vital as laws governing house sales stipulate that it is “Buyer Beware. It is up to the purchaser to conduct the relevant checks to establish the condition of the property. An inspection done by an experienced building inspector can potentially save a would-be buyer thousands of dollars.

Our Services


Get the most out of your property purchase negotiations with our building inspection service.

Building Inspections

You can be sure of comprehensive reports that are easy to understand and delivered within the shortest duration of time, usually 24 hours.

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Pre Purchase

If you want to get high value out of a property you are planning to buy, hire a trusted building inspector.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Carrying out a professional pre-purchase inspection ensures that you don’t have to grapple with unpleasant and costly surprises a few months or years down the line.

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New Homes

Our inspectors can carry out professional and independent inspections of new homes in Melbourne and Victoria.

New Home Inspections

With Hire An Inspector, you can ensure that your new home investment is well protected and that you are able to get long term satisfaction and complete peace of mind.

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Get comprehensive building reports within 24 hours after an inspection has been performed on your building.

Comprehensive Reports

We take great pride in carrying out thorough due diligence in the inspection as well as the writing of a comprehensive inspection report that is easy to understand.

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Why Hire An Inspector?

Do you want the best property purchase negotiations and save some cash? Hire an Inspector is ready to serve you.

Fast and Reliable Services

Building inspectors at Hire an Inspector carry out thorough inspections and prepare easy to understand comprehensive reports. The inspection reports are issued within 24 hours.

Quality Assurance

The proper inspectors in our pool have adequate knowledge and extensive experience in performing independent and professional home inspections in Melbourne.

All inspection services are insured and done by licenced, accredited, and certified specialists.

Extensive and Clear Inspection Reports

Our registered building inspectors prepare easy to read and detailed inspection reports. Why struggle to read reports with Jargon words. Building inspections experts at Hire an Inspector simplify everything for the reader.

Building Inspections In Melbourne

Our qualified building inspectors have been in the industry for decades and are registered builders. They are aware of all your property’s building inspection needs. They provide high standard services and give detailed inspection reports. Also, they will guide you on making a more informed decision on whether to make a purchase or not. Get no-obligation quotes followed by quick and high-quality building inspections and comprehensive reports within the shortest period.

We offer property inspection services all over Melbourne, VIC. All our building inspectors are accredited, licensed, and certified. You can, therefore, be sure of high levels of expertise — no more worries when purchasing property now and in the future.

Whether you are buying an investment property or a home, our inspectors will deliver comprehensive reports within a short period; usually 24 hours.

Score Of Our Inspection Services

You will hire accredited building inspectors that handle the following building inspection tasks;

  • Commercial Inspection Service  

Are you planning to invest in a commercial property in Melbourne? Hire an Inspector will find a building inspector who will offer the best inspection services. You will receive a complete report that is easy to read and understand.

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

If you want to get high value out of a property, you are planning to buy, hire a trusted building inspector. The expert will unearth all defects and problems.

  • Dilapidation Inspection

A dilapidation inspection is done to assess property value at a specific time. You will get a dilapidation report with details on existing damage. Also, the report gives the condition of property features that will be affected by excavation, construction work, or demolition.

Dilapidation inspections are carried out on new homes, retail properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, or older homes.

  • Electrical Inspection

Building inspections specialists carry out an electrical inspection to confirm the safety of all electrical installations in the building.

  • Pest Inspection and Thermal Imaging

Building specialists use thermal imaging techniques to detect thermal heat differences in different parts of the property. This helps in detecting moisture damage, termite infestations, and other hidden defects.

Many homeowners and specialists prefer thermal imaging since it is a non-destructive procedure.

  • Building Reports

You will receive an extensive inspection report within 24 hours after an inspection on your building.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Don’t make any payments for your new home before carrying out a pre-purchase inspection. Otherwise, you might not get the maximum value for your investment.

Experts in our pool can handle home inspections in Melbourne to ensure that you don’t incur unpleasant expenses in the future.

Our pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne include professional inspections in your home as per the Australian standards and local building codes. We also assess the property’s structural integrity and maintenance quality.

For most people, a home purchase is a once in a lifetime investment. Therefore, you need to make a wise decision before signing that cheque. Hiring a reliable home inspector in Melbourne is an assurance that you will buy a valuable property and avoid stress altogether.

Pre-purchase building inspections are done on both commercial and residential properties. After an inspection, you will receive an extensive pre-purchase inspection report that includes;

  • Information on primary defects such as structural defects
  • Information on minor defects
  • A comprehensive report on the safety hazards in the building
  • Information on pests infestation like termites
  • Photographs of the major damage

New Home Inspections Services

Renovating or constructing a new home is expensive. Therefore, ensure that you get what you pay for. Our home inspections in Melbourne, will ensure that you invest in the right property and get long term satisfaction.

In case you want to resale your home, a poorly constructed house will attract low-value deals. Your home investment will thus be a liability.

Specialists at Hire an Inspector can carry out independent and professional inspections of new homes across Melbourne and Victoria. Categories of properties inspected include;

  • Newly constructed or renovated homes
  • Display homes
  • Townhouses
  • Property homes
  • Homes commissioned for construction
  • Major renovations

Our new home inspection services are performed in different stages during the construction period. The integrity of the building is thus not compromised at all construction stages. The phases include;

  • Roofing and timber frame inspections
  • Piercing phase
  • Roof tiles and brickwork inspection
  • Floor tiling and wall inspection
  • Concrete slab inspection
  • Final building inspection

The three main new home inspection stages include pre-contract inspection, pre-slab pour and slab stage inspection, and the knockdown and rebuild inspections.

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Hire an Inspector is the best source of qualified and reliable building inspectors. The specialists don’t compromise on quality and building codes standards. We know the Australian building codes and standards.

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