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Who’s qualified to do your home inspection?

Hire an Inspector is your number one resource for finding a qualified building inspector in Melbourne, VIC. We are a one stop shop for finding an inspector that ticks all the boxes. Employing a home inspector does not have to be stressful or time consuming. At Hire an Inspector we’ve done the research for you. All inspectors are competent, experienced, thorough and trustworthy. All are Registered Builders who are fully insured.

How can you find an inspector that truly independent?

Having a building inspections in Melbourne is vital as laws governing house sales stipulate that it is “Buyer Beware. It is up to the purchaser to conduct the relevant checks to establish the condition of the property. An inspection done by an experienced building inspector can potentially save a would-be buyer thousands of dollars.

Inspection Services

Building Inspection Services

Get the most out of your property purchase negotiations with our building inspection service. The expert inspectors on our platform have extensive building inspection experience spanning decades and have a full grasp of your property’s building inspection needs.

The building inspectors are independent, professional and adhere to high standards, giving you comprehensive inspections and reports and empowering to make more informed decisions. Get no-obligation quotes accompanied by prompt and high-quality inspections and information, comprehensive building reports and consultations.

Our building inspection services which cater mostly in the Eastern Suburb Melbourne area are performed by qualified specialists that are fully licensed, certified and with accreditation with the relevant professional bodies such as HIA. You are therefore assured of a high level of expertise that will give you complete peace of mind when looking into the future property.

Whether you are planning to buy a home to live in or an investment property, you can be sure of comprehensive reports that are easy to understand and delivered within the shortest duration of time, usually 24 hours.

The scope of Service in Building Inspections

You can find accredited building consultants here that are skilled in all areas of building inspection requirements. Some of the areas that they cover include the following:

  • Pre-purchase building inspections: Get the most value out of a building you are planning to purchase by hiring a trusted property inspector to help you unearth problems and defects.
  • Commercial Inspection Services: Planning to inspect a commercial or investment property in Melbourne? The building inspection specialists here will offer you a thorough inspection accompanied with comprehensive reports that are easy to understand.
  • Dilapidation Inspection: Are carried out to evaluate the state of a property at a particular time. This is accompanied by a dilapidation report. The report will detail all the existing damage as well as the condition of the various features of the property which will be affected by demolition, excavation or even construction work. The dilapidation inspections are carried out on various kinds of properties including new homes, commercial and retail properties, older homes and even on industrial properties.
  • Special purpose building reports
  • Pest inspection and Thermal Imaging: Building and pest inspection specialists use thermal imaging techniques in detecting differences in thermal heat in various parts of the structure that can help in detecting suspect matter such as termite infestations, moisture damage, and various other hidden concerns. Thermal imaging is preferred by many specialists and homeowners because it is a non-destructive method for diagnosing problems in a structure.
  • Electrical Inspection: Building inspections can also include electrical inspections to ascertain the safety of your electrical installations.
  • Building Reports: Get comprehensive building reports within 24 hours after an inspection has been performed on your building.

Why Choose Our Building Inspection Service?

There are a lot of reasons to choose us for your building inspection requirements. We offer a trusted source for hiring the best building inspectors with extensive experience in the industry and vast knowledge in carrying out various kinds of building inspections. Whether you are looking for home inspections, industrial inspection services or commercial building inspection services, you have come to the right place.

Here are some top reasons to contact us for your building inspection requirements in Melbourne:

Get Fast and Reliable Service

The building inspection specialists here take great pride in carrying out thorough due diligence in the inspection as well as the writing of a comprehensive inspection report that is easy to understand. Once the property has been inspected, you can be sure of prompt building inspection reports within the duration of 24 hours.

Quality Assurance

The property inspectors on the portal have extensive experience as well as a wealth of knowledge in carrying out professional and independent inspections in Melbourne. All services are fully insured and are carried out by professionals that are licensed, certified and accredited.

Simple, Clear and Professional Building Inspection Reports

Contact the building inspection experts on our portal and get clear and easy to read building inspection reports that are easy to understand. You don’t have to grapple with difficult reports written with too much jargon. Everything is clearly explained for your understanding.

The quality of building inspection services and reports are the same across the board. We have gone out of our way to approve only the most trusted and reliable building inspection services. Call us for prompt quotations and equally prompt services assuring you of complete building inspection services and in-depth reporting from our building inspection experts.

Our specialists are available throughout the week to offer you prompt quotations and services to meet your needs. Book your service now and enjoy complete peace of mind on your next building inspection. We cater to locations across Australian including major centers such as Melbourne and Sydney.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

Before you write that cheque for your new home, make sure that you have carried out a pre-purchase inspection to ensure that you are getting maximum value for your money. Carrying out a professional pre-purchase inspection in Melbourne ensures that you don’t have to grapple with unpleasant and costly surprises a few months or years down the line.

Pre-purchase inspection services cover professional inspections in various parts of your home to ensure maximum compliance with Australian standards and local building codes. The inspections are also carried out to evaluate the structural integrity of the home as well as the quality of maintenance that has been carried out in the house.

Pre-purchase inspection services in Melbourne are required because purchasing a new home is always a daunting prospect. The vast majority of us will only buy one home in our lifetime, therefore you need to make the right decision as you will be making a costly investment that will likely take you decades to pay for. The pre-purchase inspection experts in Melbourne ensure that you make that right call and have complete peace of mind that you are purchasing property that is in excellent condition.

Pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne can be carried out on both residential and commercial properties. Whether you are planning to buy a home that you will live in or an investment property that you are planning to flip a few years down the line, it is important to ensure that the property you are buying checks all the right boxes.

Carrying out a pre-purchase inspection will save you a fortune in potential maintenance and renovation costs as structural problems and other issues are spotted earlier on, allowing you to make the right call on whether to buy or abandon the property. A pre-purchase inspection report can also give you some leverage, providing you with a basis on which to renegotiate the property price in case some problems are unearthed during the inspections.

After the property inspection, a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection report must be issued by the property inspection specialist. The report will include information on the results of the inspection including the following:

  • Detailed information on the main defects in the property such as the structural defects as well as problems that may lead to further damage in the future.
  • Detailed information on the minor defects in the property. This will mainly cover the cosmetic defects in the property that may need periodic fixing a few months or a few years from now.
  • Detailed report on the safety hazards in the property such as the presence of asbestos or even minor and major structural damages in the property.
  • Report on the infestation of termites and other pests on your property.
  • They will also attach photographs of the main defects in the property.

The property inspection report is generally presented within the shortest period of time after which the inspector will be available to discuss the report with you and shed some light on some of the major problems. Contact us today to find the best pre-purchase property inspections in Melbourne that will empower your negotiations and help you make the right decisions from an informed perspective.

Our pre-purchase property inspectors have extensive experience in carrying out detailed and professional property inspections with the highest standards of integrity. They spare no detail to ensure they empower you with the right information that captures the true state of the property.

With years of experience in the industry, they truly understand the time constraints and emotional anxieties involved in the purchase of the property. They will go out of their way to ensure you make the right choice based on accurate data.

They will provide pre-purchase property inspection reports and pest inspection reports within the shortest period of time after the inspection is complete. Usually, they do this 24 hours after the completion of the inspection.

The pre-purchase inspection service specialists can also offer you on-site consultations and deliver well written and thorough reports on the inspections. The inspectors are independent and will deliver professional and unbiased building inspection reports that you can follow easily.

The building and pest inspectors have the requisite accreditation’s and have undergone a rigorous qualification process so you are always sure that you are hiring the best professionals in the trade. All the specialists on the platform have the right insurance coverage including professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance.

Contact us today and hire trusted pre-purchase building inspection services with broad expertise in various inspection jobs including building inspections, pest inspection, home warranty inspections, sewer inspections, structural engineering inspections as well as renovation inspections and advice. Other inspection services that they provide include drain inspection, wood destroying pest inspection and stormwater inspections among others. For all your pre-purchase inspections, you have come to the right place. Get in touch now and let us connect you to trusted professionals based in Melbourne who are independent and thorough in what they do.

New Home Inspections Services

Building or buying a new home is one of life’s biggest investments. Whatever the architectural style or the size of the home, it is important to ensure that the final product will be of high quality and with the right finishes.

Given the massive costs involved in renovating or constructing a new home, you have to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. The last thing you want is to pay for something that has defects or which is poorly built as it will likely have more serious cost ramifications a few years down the line as you grapple with repairs, maintenance and renovations. A poorly built home will also likely have a low resale value and as a result, your home investment will not be an investment at all but a liability.

With professional new home inspection services, you can ensure that your new home investment is well protected and that you are able to get long term satisfaction and complete peace of mind as you wait for your home to appreciate in value.

Professional and independent home inspection services are generally the final arbiter on the quality of the construction. With Hire an Inspector, you can hire the most professional and respected quality home inspectors who can assure you of a high standard of service.

Our inspectors can carry out professional and independent inspections of homes right across Australia including major centers such as Melbourne and Sydney.

What Do New Home Inspections Entail?

As the name suggests, new home inspection services are performed on homes that have been constructed very recently. They are also applicable to homes that have undergone recent renovations.

There are various categories of homes that are suited for house inspections in Melbourne. These include newly constructed units or home units that have been purchased off the plan. They can also be performed on townhouses in developments that have just been constructed. Other categories of properties that can be subjected to new home building inspections include the following:

  • Owner-builder projects
  • Homes that have been commissioned for construction
  • Architect-tendered home projects
  • Project homes in newly constructed estates
  • Display homes
  • Major renovations

The inspections should be carried out at various phases during the construction of the home. This will ensure that the integrity of the new home is not compromised at any of the stages due to negligence or unethical construction practices. Some of the stages where the new home inspection should be carried out include the following:

  • The piering phase
  • At the concrete slab
  • The timber frame and roofing inspections
  • Inspection of the roof tiles along with the brickwork
  • Inspection of the wall and floor tiling
  • The final inspection of the building

Generally, new home inspections can be broadly divided into three main stages:

  1. Pre-Contract Inspection: Before the construction begins, it is important to ensure that the structure complies with all the local building codes.
  2. Pre Slab Pour Inspection and Slab Stage Inspection: This inspection is carried out in order to ensure that the contractors pour the slab in accordance with the drawings. The slab must also be poured in a way that it adheres with Australian standards and best building practices. The slab inspection phase can also extend to the finished concrete to ascertain whether it is both consistent and even. After the slab has been poured, the surface should be inspected in order to ensure that it is not flaky or powdery. The levels should also be inspected so as to ensure that the slab has been poured within the required deviations in all the important places including the entire build, the room and over the level. The new building inspection team should also look at the edge rebate to check if it is not honeycombed and ensure no steel reinforcements on the slab are protruding out. A requirement in the building codes is that this edge must have at least 40mm of concrete coverage. The inspection must also cover the vapor barrier which must be extending over the concrete slab that has been poured.
  3. Knock Down and Rebuild Inspections: House inspections in Melbourne are not just carried out in newly constructed buildings. If you need to purchase a recently renovated or rebuilt building, you can also hire these services to test the quality and integrity of the construction. With the inspection services, you will be sure the renovations are completed properly at every stage.

Call us today and hire professional and independent new home building inspectors that have uncompromising quality standards. The experts here have an eye for the smallest of details and years of experience in providing trusted and professional property inspections in Melbourne VIC. They are familiar with the local and national building codes including the Building Code of Australia as well as various Australian and Victorian building standards. They will ensure your buildings and renovations are being done to acceptable standards.

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